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The voice is very secret, ONE AUDIO  British company is a commitment to explore the mysteries of sound, in order to develop and manufacture professional speaker systems, electronic systems based professional manufacturers.
The idea behind the audio one product is to reproduce the sound that has not been rendered, not to be compromised by energy, reliability, or control. One audio engineer after nearly 20 years of research and development and breakthrough, master of the a series of core technologies and put these core technologies into products, including high reduction degree and ultra wideba... ...More 

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    British headquarters
British ONE AUDIO Speaker Manufacturing Company
:Coatbridge North Lanarkshire ML5 3EJ Scotland United Kingdom
TEL:  +44(0)1375-379461
FAX:  +44(0)1375-379230
Asia Pacific cooperation operations center
Shenzhen Huajian Ap Technology Limited
:  402,Building B,No.8 Early Wo Hang industrial area, The streets of the South Bay Community...  
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